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This document was last updated on April 01, 2007.

All deliveries are subject to Section 7 of applicable bill of lading if shipments are to be delivered to the consignee without recourse on the consignor. The consignor shall sign the following statement. The carrier shall not make delivery of the shipment without payment of freight and all other lawful charges.

All deliveries are subject to traffic and weather conditions.

In consideration of the charges for transporting the subject shipment, and the services performed, it is agreed: a0 that the value of such shipment does not exceed $50 and b) that Ryan's Express, Inc. liability for any damage to or loss of shipment, regardless of the cause of such loss or damage (other than caused by acts of shipper or "inherent vice" (such as perishables) of the goods shipped, or "Acts of God" as to which Ryan's Express shall not be liable) is hereby limited to the lesser of actual loss of $50, unless shipper declares in advance a greater value for the shipment and pays in advance an increased charge of $5 for each $100 of declared value (or fraction thereof) in excess of $50 per shipment, to a maximum declared value of $5,000. Ryan's Express will not carry any shipment declared to have a value in excess of $5,000 unless it enters into a separate written agreement with shipper. Under no circumstances will Ryan's Express be liable for any "special" or "consequential" (including, but not limited to lost interest, profits, income, market or business opportunities) damages whether or not Ryan's Express acknowledged or knew that any such damages might be incurred. Ryan's Express carries no shipment liability insurance. No employees or representative of Ryan's Express is authorized to alter, vary or contradict these terms.

Consignee's receipt of shipment without written notice on this delivery receipt shall be conclusively deemed to be proper delivery except for concealed damage, in which case written notice thereof shall be given to Ryan's Express within five days of delivery absent which delivery shall be conclusively deemed proper.

Ryan's Express cargo insurance does not cover loss, damage or expense to any and all items of extraordinary value, including, but not limited to, currency, deeds, money notes, security, jewelry, precious stones, precious metals, furs and other similar valuables and Ryan's Express Inc. is therefore not responsible for loss, damage or expense of and to same.

Services provided by Ryan's Express are net seven says from the date the service is performed. Ryan's Express does not arbitrarily set these terms. They are set by federal and state transportations commissions. Ryan's Express' policy regarding terms of payment are as follows. Payment of the current invoice is net 7 days. Invoices 45 days past due, an account representative may contact you or a dunning letter may be sent questioning the delinquency of the past due invoice(s). Invoices 60 days past due, the delinquent account will be placed on a C.O.D. basis until arrangements have been discussed with our accounting department. Customer ordering services of Ryan's Express herein understands and accepts obligations to pay all reasonable attorneys fees associated with the legal representation of Ryan's Express in connection with collection or payment for services rendered.

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